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Updated December 2023
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*Breeder Of Quality Pets and Exotic Colors Since 1973*

All of the Poms on this Website is either Bred by,  is or has been  owned by Nayda's AKC Pomeranains.
I started out Many years ago with American Cocker Spaniels.
I raised and played with them for several years, at home and in the show ring.
After several years and a couple of Champions later, I decided that I was drawn more to the Exotic colors.  At that time it was the Sable Cocker Spaniels.  I bred my Champion Males into the Sable girls and created a pretty nice pedigree, that I was told many times, could not be touched in any other Sable Cocker Spaniel line. 
And so the bug started. 

Imagine, doing MY OWN thing and enjoying it. Yes, I was talked about, but hey,  you get used to that, as even when you are breeding to make others happy, they will still talk behind your back.  So why not do my own thing.  So at least I was actually giving them something to talk about. 
At least they will remember who I am.  :D

None of the Poms below are available.
They are just to give you an Idea of the type and color of baby Pom you can expect from us here at Nayda's AKC Poms.