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About Us And Our Policies and Guarantees
Our Health Guarantees:

 This is the hard part for both of us to discuss but it must be discussed! It's too important to be left out.

We have,  since 1973, replaced 3 puppies with life threatening congenital defects.
 (Two were Chihuahuas and one was an American Cocker Spaniel)
In some cases we may ask if the new owner would also like to keep the baby that is ill as well as receiving a puppy of equal or less value tp the baby that is ill. As harsh as this may sound harsh, but depending on the ailment, we may put ellect to put the ill baby to sleep, once it is returned to us with the Licenced Veterinarians report stating the *Congenital Life threatening defect. (*Congenital means Born with) 
If the new owner would like to keep the ill baby and if we feel this home will give the care the baby needs, we may allow them keep the ill  baby, as well as receiving a puppy replacement. If we do not have a baby right then that is a fit for them, then we will give them the replacement at a later date.  Two new owners have in the past, elected to keep the ill baby and the 3rd, I refunded their pet purchase price amount paid as I felt that they might not have been the right home for one of my babies after all.  In the case of the two babies that elected to keep the ill babies and did receive another baby at a later date, one of the ill babies lived to be 9 years old.  
​Additional Information:
​1st:  California has elected a law into effect that forbids a puppy from leaving their breeders homes before they are 8 weeks of age; That's The Law!  I like to keep my babies until they are about 10 weeks old or more, if I feel the puppy needs to stay with me longer.  Please be patient, I know you want and love your baby, but we both want it to get the best start that it can.  I love your baby too!

2nd:  Our babies are sold under the "California Puppy Lemon Law". (Yes, there is such a Law).  
Every Breeder/Person who sells a puppy in California, falls under this Law. However, most people do not know of this law.   My sister Kathy and I discovered this law many years ago when she had purchased 2 puppies from a breeder in Southern California. These 2 puppies were found to have severe health defects which were life threatening. She placed both puppies into pet homes, once we realized that the Breeder of these babies was not going to honor her own guarantee.  One puppy went to the Veterinarian who actually diagnosed the severe defects and the other went to a loving family with full disclosure of the defect this baby had.  During this time was when we researched and found the "California Puppy Lemon Law".
These heart defect on these 2  puppies were both diagnosed at different times, found to have the same congenital and inherited life threatening defects and the breeder refused to honor her own health guarantee.
That was when both Poms were placed into pet homes.
 (The breeder did eventually refund the $ that was paid from my sister, Minus the Veterinrian fees).

Nayda's Health Guarantee is as follows:
My puppies will undergo a vet check before going home with their family. If my Veterinarian finds there is a problem, this is always discussed with the prospective puppy owner. 
I will not hide any findings from the new owner of my babies.
Once the puppy has been placed into its new home with its new family, if there is found to be a life threatening *Congenital defect by a Licenced Veterinarian within one year of age, the puppy owner must notify me with their Licenced Veterinarians Report Stating such defect with the return of said puppy for a puppy replacement.  This puppy replacement will be of equal or less value of the original puppy.  If the replacent puppy that the buyer selects is of more value, the buyer will pay the balance of the funds that differ from the original puppy.
 The Breeder (Nayda Bodnar aka Karen) is not responsible for paying any vet bills or shipping costs for returning ill puppy for this puppy replacement.  If the breeder elects to not give a puppy replacement for the ailing puppy, then the breeder (Nayda) will refund full purchase price minus any fees uncured in lieu of a puppy replacement, but this is up to the discretion of the Breeder (Nayda aka Karen). The ill puppy is to be returned to the breeder for this puppy replacement to be considered. It is up to the Breeder to make the decisions on future care of the ill puppy once the ill puppy is back in the care of the breeder.
(This may all sound complicated, but it isn't as complicated as it sounds).
*Okay, now that this part is over with, you can enjoy your new replacement baby and we pray that it will help in the pain felt from having the ill baby that we both love*.
I can not gurantee the eventual size of the puppy once it is an adult. I check and Chart  3 different methods, however with so much growth hormones in food these days, this is a very difficult task. So knowing this, I do not gurantee the size of your Pom.
Breeding Ability:
I can not guarantee the breeding ability of your Pom or of puppies produced. What I can do is that if the Pom is a male, I will not let that boy go to you until I feel both testies present.  It is your job as the Poms owner,  to keep track and to help to keep the testicles down. 
 I recently did have a client contact me about her boy being crypt orchid, however did not want to return the Pom to me but wanted me to replace him.  In the discussion, I realized the Boy was Mon- orchid, 1 testical retained.  In discussing him with a family member later, that person reminded me that we did in fact check to be sure both of his testies were down AT the airport as she was very embarrassed rubbing the dogs hind in, in a public place.  So again, I will check to be sure both are present at the time of transport, if it is to be a breeding boy, as I will not send him.
It is up to the new owner to be sure they stay down.
I do not guarantee knees as there are many things that can affect the knees on a Toy Breed dog:
Hopping up and down  can injure a Toy breeds knees.
Running up and down stairs can injure knees.
Romping and playing with other puppies can injure knees.
If they run in circles playing and tearing around as dogs like to do, this will injure knees.  
They all love to hop up and down at our feet, even chasing and playing with us and other dogs as they play tug of war, chasing each other around, can injure knees.   Running up and down stairs, jumping up and down on furniture.
 All of these things can and will injure a knees,  wrists and elbows, hips and backs. 
Low Blood Sugar /   Hypoglycemia
I do not guarantee your puppy against low Blood Sugar as it is up to the new owner to be sure the baby is eating! A small breed puppy needs to eat several meals a day. Feed your puppy often! I can and do make suggestions, so please let me know if he is not pooping. If he is pooping 3-5 times a day, he is eating 3-5 times a day. But you MUST keep track of this.
if we are going to be shipping your baby to you, they will undergo a health exam by a Lic. Veterinarian before it can be shipped to you, this is also the law of the Airline. However, my Vet knows that I want a more "in depth" examination than is usually accepted by the Airlines. 
Many more things will be checked on your puppy with my Veterinarians exam.

Puppy Nanny:
Yes, we do have a trusted Nanny to fly your baby to you if needed!
 --------------  $550. to $700.
Waiting list Deposit:
Please Messege or call for details on how this works.